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The adoption of the appropriate philosophical approach in providing quality home health care services based on the following basic assumption that:

  1. The maintenance and realization of the full potential of human life is a supreme value.
  2. The individual’s hierarchy of needs is important, as defined by Maslow.
  3. The individual’s search for meaning in personal life experiences is important.
  4. The individual’s choices and decisions based on their individual beliefs and values should be considered.
  5. The individual should have (if capable) personal control over their lives in making such choices and decisions.

In support of the Agency’s philosophy, employees are dedicated to the provision of comprehensive quality care which is patient-centered and patient family-centered, provided in the patient’s unique physiological, safety, psychological, self-esteem, and self-actualization needs.

The agency is committed to the provision of home health services that assist the patient to search for meaning in the personal life experiences surrounding the patient illness or disability. Staff will assist patients in making choices and decisions about the provision of home health care services based on the patient’s self-defined unique needs.

Patients and families are also encouraged in collaborating activity with agency staff and other health care providers regarding the provision of appropriate services. Education for patients, the patient’s family, and the community of health related issues is also part of the agency’s philosophy.

It is the policy of EZ Healthcare of Boston Group, Inc. to maintain quality Home Health Care Programs consistent with the agency’s mission statement and the patient’s Bill of Rights.